Arcanet chooses Aerohive’s wireless products for one simple reason: giving our customers the best quality wireless on the market.
In addition to being partners, our technicians are certified ACWA (Aerohive Certified Wireless Administrator). Aerohive has a long history of rapid innovation and radical simplification of Cloud Networking.
  1. To simplify topology and deploy the wireless network by eliminating WLAN controllers
  2. To unify the network policy for access points, switches and routers using cloud management first, to develop a software architecture and application defined by the software with the flexibility to implement implementations of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premises
  3. To provide management of the organizational level for the managed service.

Arcanet partnered with pfSense to respond to their customers' doubts about security vulnerabilities.

pfSense software is a free open source FreeBSD distribution specially designed to be used as a fully managed firewall and router via a web interface. In addition to being a powerful and flexible firewall and routing platform, it also offers a long list of related features and a packet system that allows for further expandability without adding bulky and potential security vulnerabilities to basic deployment.

Our technicians will, after an inspection, evaluate with the customer the best pfSense solution to mitigate uncertainties and vulnerabilities that bring the data and security of each company into play.

Innovative and customer focused, Zyxel Communications has been connecting people to the Internet for almost 30 years. This all started in 1992 when the company developed the world’s first 3-in-1 modem (integrating data/fax/voice).

Since then, the company has always been driven to meet the needs of the modern world and unlocking the potential of new technology. To date, zyxel responds to international scenarios with its products, ranging from home to industrial projects.
Arcanet, in addition to being a Partner certified company, chooses Zyxel as a networking solution for its customers.

Since the introduction of the first Dell PC in 1986, Dell has continued to shape the industry through pioneering developments in the home, small business and corporate IT. The company collects research directly from daily interactions with customers, organized events, social media sites and customer panels, and this in turn drives the innovation behind new products. This customer need driven approach ensures that the products developed offer the utmost value to clients.

Dell is committed to setting standards and makes use of the latest technologies through industry groups and strategic partners. Co-operating with the best technology providers in the industry brings about an exhaustive dimension to the IT landscape.

With the use of Dell’s Power Edge Server, our team provides holistic server and storage solutions. The new generation of servers such as the T30, T110 and T130 take care of your most important information, including that pertaining to accounts, market analysis and personal data. The Dell R430 and 530 series are optimum for security management such as CCTV footage, user access, backup and disaster recovery. Dell offers different products pertaining to the various needs of the clients and this in turn gives us the ability to offer much more tailored solutions to our clients’ problems, which are cost-effective and efficient.

LigoWave develops high performance wireless products emphasizing on innovation, versatility and convenience. The LigoWave team strives to revolutionize the way people interact with wireless, with the ultimate goal being that of connecting the world in a better way. They have managed to do so by distributing their products to customers in over 150 countries. These products have connected people living in areas with no access to data and the increased security of industrial applications have boosted others in ways previously considered impossible. Ligowave offer the perfect price quality ratio compromise for all PTP, PTMP and access applications.
The Ligo DLB 5-15, 5-15n and ECHO 5 series are applicable to all PTP (point to point) projects and the PTMP (point to multipoint) range is available with Ligo DLB 2-90, 5-90.
For wireless connections at home or at the office, Ligowave offer the INFINITY range which offers solutions either through a stand alone access point or through a controlled cluster.

From the desk to the data center.

Whether your organization is big or small, Extreme offers different solutions catering for different needs through software that reduces operations cost, enhances user experience, enables mobility and improves security. Extreme operates in two very distinct sectors: wireless with high-performance equipment and proprietary protocols and networking. These make it possible for the company to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market, with a wide range of products responding to all clients’ needs at 360 degrees.

Sophos’ UTM solutions protects over 100 million users; from laptops to desktops and virtual servers, from web and email traffic to mobile devices. The company’s main goal is to keep computer security simple and reliable; IT security products have become more complex  but also the networks they have to protect. Sophos is strengthening its products by preventing ransomware attacks, triggered by cybercriminals, guest users or remote users, generated by any weaknesses in the company’s network. This is being done due to constant development and trust from its partners.

Cisco Systems is a US multinational company, created in 1984 by two Stanford University computer technicians. Today, Cisco routers are known and used worldwide for their constructive quality and performance. Meanwhile, the company has more than 75,000 employees with a turnover of $48 billion and a net income of just under $10 billion yearly. As a result of a long series of acquisitions, Cisco Systems has been able to expand its reach into different countries and various market sectors.

To date, the brand marks a line of products including the aforementioned routers (available for both domestic and industrial use), network and telephone products, network cameras for video surveillance, various software for network services and VoIP. Cisco’s solutions for businesses are scalable and reliable, dedicated to meet the needs of the customer with simplified configurations and reduced technical intervention time.

Our technicians are certified and specialized on the installation and maintenance of these products, offering impeccable sales and aftersales services to our clients.

Cambium Networks offer reliable and safe WiFi, fixed wireless point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms which can be adapted to any environment. This is managed by a cloud based software which maintains the infrastructure.

Through latest generation access points such as the cnpilot e400, it is possible to manage all the devices in the cloud or locally. Cambium Networks ensure quality through design, production, testing, support and their selection of partners. They understand how critical communication is and provide solutions that protect connectivity.