Data Protection Officer Service

What is DPO  (Data Protection Officer)?

Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensures that your organisation complies with the legislation, acts accordingly regarding data protection practices and has general ownership of data processing activities. For some organisations, it’s not mandatory to have a nominated DPO, but it’s almost always recommended.

Appointing Arcanet as Data Protection Officer

Our clients can engage us to assist with and / or manage on all aspects of their GDPR compliance, data protection and privacy matters. In effect we act as your DPO internally and externally and manage all Data Protection communication with both your customers and any competent authority.

How it Works?

  • We act as your Data Protection Officer in line with GDPR regulations
  • We manage and mitigate all data protection issues, problems and questions and ensure compliance
  • We can offer full training to all relevant and interested staff in GDPR
  • Help you manage and understand all international implications to your data and business with regards to GDPR compliance
  • Tailored DPO solution depending on your needs as a client

By outsourcing the DPO role you can:

  • Reduce costs as you will no longer need both a DPO and additional legal support
  • Have up to date and fully compliance support with data protection and privacy matters
  • Full compliance with GDPR matters
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