Your data everywhere

Arcacloud is a hybrid cloud solution aimed at managing and storing your company’s data. This is based on a centralized complex system which is scalable and adaptable to the needs of your company.

This cloud storage system improves the company’s performance as it makes the storage and retrieval of data easier. Several backups are performed automatically, daily, ensuring the safety of data. These ultimately all contribute to an increase in efficiency pertaining to the company’s daily operations, whilst reducing costs and giving you more control over your data.

ArcaCloud provides

Access to data from all devices, independent of your location

Through an end-to-end encryption authentication system, users have full access and control of their data wherever they are. Whether they are traveling, on holiday, during a meeting and in any other environment, business or not, data is always available. Backups are performed directly by our systems, twice daily, increasing data redundancy.

Cost effectiveness

A cloud storage system helps reduce IT infrastructure costs both in terms of energy consumption and with regards to annual maintenance of hardware. Through the use of the cloud, the costs of servers, SAN / NAS, or black storage are cut down, as well as internal maintenance. The maintenance of our Arcacloud infrastructure is carried out in an ordinary manner by our specialized technicians.

Compliance with GDPR regulations introduced by the European Union

All data and its management complies with the GDPR regulations issued on May 25, 2018 by the European Union.

Accessibility control

Sharing information within the company has been enhanced through e-mail attachments as well as through the use of public cloud solutions however, these have brought about legal, practical and financial risks. The arcacloud is compliant with IT policies and regulations as it is a private cloud with file access control, meaning certain rules can be imposed by the administrators with regards to what is being shared and with whom. This enforces policies and regulations regarding data sharing and prevents any breaches and mishandling of information. The retention or erasure of files can be regulated through the use of tags, thus ensuring that data is retained for only the specific period of time intended, complying with data protection regulations.

Screen sharing, communication and conferencing

The arcacloud allows users to communicate with each other (depending on permissions given by the administrator) through audio, video and text messaging. These can connect together anytime, independent of their location and can be done via desktop and also through other portable devices. Communication through the arcacloud ensures a high level of security and confidentiality where end-to-end encryption is employed to any communication happening either between different users or between users and clients.


Security is one of the strongest features of the Arcacloud. Security measures are taken to protect data during transfer, at rest and when shared from client to client. Transferred data is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS) and when external storage systems are used, the transfer is secured by side server encryption. This encryption method is also employed when data is at rest, to protect the data whilst it is being stored. For data sharing, end to end encryption is used; folders are shared between users without the server being able to read the content thus making the data secure and safe. In the event of a blackout, there will be a disaster recovery in 24 hours, allowing data to remain active and available at all times.

Activity tracking

Through the ArcaCloud users can view their recent activity pertaining to their cloud user account. This includes any modifications they would have made to their files, any addition or deletion of files in their shared folders and incoming calls or chat requests.

Integration of mail, calendar and contacts

The Arcacloud allows users to integrate their e-mail accounts to the cloud system storage. This heightens productivity as it gives users the possibility of accessing their e-mail accounts from one inbox without having to change windows or open new tabs. The security measures employed by the cloud are employed to incoming and outgoing emails, making e-mail communication safe and secure. Another feature of the Arcacloud is an integrated calendar through which users can schedule meetings and work which can then be shared with other users. Another feature offered by this cloud storage system is that of maintaining a contact list which can be synced with phones and other devices. This allows users to share their address book or contacts with other members of the team.