Your digital archive
in the palm of your hand.

Do you have to handle a hefty amount of documents on a daily basis?
Do you have a large archive with ever increasing documents?

In partnership with LogicalDOC, Arcanet has the solution for you.

LogicalDOC is an electronic document management platform (DM) that stores all your documents in one place and males file organization, file retrieval or searching for particular information, easy and possible in a few seconds. The benefit of using this kind of system is the efficiency and ease with which one can enter or retrieve data, saving time and money.

LogicalDOC is designed to handle both digital and scanned copies of physical documents. Its operations include file sharing, finding information and amending records; users can quickly and easily share files with each other and collaborate together. Each document journey is tracked and every action pertaining to the document is captured. These tracked actions include viewing, e-mailing, downloading and deletion of documents. One of the functions of LogicalDOC is the roles-based access control, where different accessibility privileges can be given to different employees.

helps you find
the accurate
information at the
exact time you need it.

Employees spend a large amount of time searching for information they need to carry out their job. They might seek manuals to guide them in carrying out something, reports, or information pertaining to the particular client, which will provide all the knowledge sufficient for follow up to take place. For the company to be competitive, it is imperative to be efficient by providing employees with the information they need in a short period of time. LogicalDOC will help your company be more productive because employees will no longer have to look for what they need in different files or cabinets, as they will find everything in one place. Having all information in a centralized place also reduces the risk of losing important data.

LogicalDOC can also operate in a cloud storage system, where instead of having the program working within the premises of the company, documents are stored in the cloud. This abolishes the risk of losing data due to hardware or infrastructure malfunction and gives the possibility for automatic data backup. Having information stored in the cloud gives employees the benefit of accessing information from anywhere they like, hence accommodating teleworking and flexibility at the workplace.

How is LogicalDOC beneficial to your company


Reduced storage space and having all documents in the same place

LogicalDOC can replace all the files, cabinets and boxes you use to store information, freeing up office space which can be used for more important purposes. Furthermore, all supplier information, contacts, product documents, questionnaires and other information required for your business to operate will be stored in one location, accessible from one source.

The filter system in the program makes it extremely easy to search and locate any documents you might need; a task consuming your employees a couple of minutes will now take them seconds.

Increased security

Another benefit of using LogicalDOC is that since documents are managed in one system, the likelihood of having important documents exposed to the wrong people is decreased. It also lets you safeguard important documents through role-based access control, which gives you the possibility to choose who has access to such documents. Furthermore through LogicalDOC you can see who viewed, amended, downloaded or shared a document, which makes it easy to track back and monitor activity.

Save time and money

The way in which one can access and retrieve information and files via LogicalDOC saves the company lots of time as the process is efficient and quick. This, in turn, saves the company money as the time employees usually spend to search for necessary files and documents is put to use for other tasks.

Data is accessible from anywhere

Having LogicalDOC installed in the cloud saves the company infrastructure and maintenance costs. This version of LogicalDOC is accessed via the web browser and can be accessible from anywhere, giving your company the possibility of facilitating more flexible conditions in the working environment like teleworking.

LogicalDOC is the solution to a paperless office, which does not only help save the environment, but is more efficient and cost-effective, whilst ensuring the utmost security for your documents.