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The integration of wireless systems in the hospitality and catering industry (HO.RE.CA), at home, in warehouses, and in healthcare is constantly growing and developing. New technologies are constantly emerging to cater for these developments and our team strives to always be informed of new improvements in the industry to help our clients accordingly.

Our team of professionals offer free consultations regarding your network, be it a house or large company. Upon a comprehensive examination of setting, we evaluate all factors and deliver a solution which would best suit the context.

Through years of experience and working with
different clients, we have created
three standard user projects.



A WLAN network project targeted at offices, large home environments, end users, the hospitality, and catering industry and healthcare.


WLAN PTP solution for all businesses and users who need to use the same network in buildings separated by long distances (warehouses and retail).


This solution revolves around multipoint point-of-use WLAN systems. Through these kinds of systems, we are able to control and break down the cabling costs, connect devices located at any distance and anywhere in the city or the building and use the same network, without the need for complex and advanced configurations.