About Us.

Arcanet was born with a clear vision. We wanted to offer small and large
businesses fast and cost-effective advanced wireless technology solutions,
tailored to their needs. We strive to offer practical solutions to our clients’
problems, in a timely manner; from the critical analysis of the project to the
solution to the interaction with the final user.
ArcaNET responds to and offers its services to everyone across Europe, providing sustainable and scalable solutions.
We also offer remote assistance to solve any problems of technological nature.
We offer remote troubleshooting within 8 hours, based on the analysis and
nature of the problem, at relatively low costs.
Through continuous training, our team is always being updated
with new, emerging technologies. This allows us to offer practical
solutions which are efficient and within prescribed budgets.
Due to our vast selection of brands and partnerships with other companies,
we offer a wide range of networking and IT infrastructure products. Our team
of consultants will help you choose the products best suited for your needs.